Photo Restoration Services

At Joey Glaub Portrait Art, we understand the importance of preserving your memorable photographic milestones and relationships. When age, neglect, fire or floods take their toll on those treasured photos, important memories are also lost. Repair of these photographs and documents will rescue those images and restore them to their former honor.

We repair or restore old damaged photos that are faded, torn, creased, too dark or too light, too far away, mold or water damage. We can remove facial blemishes, change backgrounds as well as add or remove persons or objects from a photo.

Restorations starting at $25.00

Photo Restoration Services

what we do
  • Color or black and white prints restored
  • Replace missing portions
  • Remove spots & stains
  • Repair all cracks and broken pieces
  • Convert black & white prints to color
  • Restore faded color prints to their original condition
  • Add or remove someone or object to or from the original photo
  • CD archival of the restored print
  • Additional prints available in a variety of sizes
  • The original goes home with you the same day in most instances

Take a moment to explore extraordinary images of photo restoration services performed by Joey Glaub Portrait Art.